Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ten things you need to know about my Mama

About Cindy Hagenhoff

By Benjamin Hagenhoff age 5

1.        My mama takes me to church and prays with me each night.
2.       My mama always cheers me on at my soccer games.  She tells me I am the best.
3.       She even plays hockey with me.
4.       Sometimes when I have a play day with a friend she brings donut holes for us to share.
5.       I love it when she makes cheesy noodles and her homemade mac and cheese.
6.       On my birthday I get to choose what kind of dinner and cake I would like.  One year she made a Thomas train cake for me.  It was really cool.
7.       I love it when my mama reads to me and has cuddle time with me.
8.       I like to help her with chores like laundry and going to the grocery.
9.       She is pretty.
10.    I know that she loves me sooo much because she tells me so.


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  1. Words from the heart! Love the simplicity of a child's sentiments...