Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Helping Justice

Today's post is by Kelly Wayland

Back in early November I was introduced to someone who attended an open house that I was holding for a business I have recently started. She told me about a family that lives in Gainesville, VA who is struggling financially. A single mom and her three daughters, the youngest of which is battling a rare form of cancer called Hystiocytosis. 
Hystiocytosis is found in only about 800 people in the world. Justice, who is 8 years old, has been battling this disease since she was one year old and it has since spread to her brain. She is currently a living miracle. The disease is terminal and the family has been told that there is nothing more medically that can be offered.
Justice lives with her mom, Randee, and her sister, Taylor. Taylor is 19 years old and works full time to help put food on the table every day. She is currently taking driving classes that she was unable to take when she was in school due to a lack of money. The driving classes are being paid for by some supporters of the family. Randee, is unable to keep a full time job since she has to be around to take care of Justice. 
My company donated a Christmas dinner as well as some Christmas gifts to the family back in December. We also held a fundraiser where I sold my products and donated the profits to the family. We raised almost $400!! It was enough to pay their electric bill for the month of February, have the family vehicle inspected (and pass!) and then some leftover for anything else they needed.
The family is in constant need of basic things like food, toilet paper, money to put gas in the car, etc. as well as money to pay their utilities every month. I would like to organize a food drive for the family to start now and continue until Easter Sunday (March 31). Paula has allowed me to take donations at our upcoming Ladies Craft Night. Any kind of food is welcome! I will note that Randee is not much of a cook so anything that is simple to make/prepare is best. Cereal, Instant mashed potatoes, canned soups, canned fruits & veggies, etc… Pretty much any “heat & eat” kind of thing.
The plan is to collect donations until Easter Sunday (March 31) and deliver everything to the family sometime that week. Everything helps! Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who participates!!"