Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do I Really Matter?

Written with love by Kristy Babb.....

We all come into this great big world asking the same questions. Am I loved? Am I accepted? Am I secure? Do I have what it takes? Am I Significant and do I really matter?

Like you most of the answers to these questions in my life came from my parents and my early environment. In my world most of these questions were either unanswered or answered with an astounding NO. But God in his goodness revealed to me that HE alone is the only one capable of answering these questions for me.

My point in telling you this is that the questions What makes you feel significant? and what makes you significant? are two very different questions. If you are a believer you are completely and totally of great worth and value to our creator. You have great significance because God says you do. So without any hesitation to the question What makes you significant? The only answer that will ring totally true in your spirit is GOD.

I believe God allows people and relationships in our lives that allow us to feel significant and that was the question posed to me. What makes you feel significant? or Worthy or Valuable? or Important?

My answer to the question was my baby blanket that I still sleep with at night.  Not only is it the perfect temperature but it also makes me feel wrapped in love. My Mom gave me this blanket when I was very young. Through the years she has made adjustment after adjustment to make this blanket a reflection of the big life changes that have occurred for me. You will find somewhere the date December 28, 1996 and the name Chris Babb on a piece of Dallas Cowboy fabric. Obviously my wedding day. A little dog house with the name of our first born Parker. The year 1996 and the name Dawn Rose Mayer. Our beautiful niece who joined our lives in 2002.  2008 Klara Grace Babb, 2010 Aaron Alden Babb, 2012 Conlin John Babb. The three precious gifts that have been entrusted to our family. The fabrics are bright colored with butterflies and ribbons and centered throughout the entire blanket is a big red velvet cross. Whenever something new in my life happens my mom will come for a visit with her sewing kit and make the changes. If it tatters or tears she will do her magic repair work. Everyday this blanket reminds me how much my mom loves me and how significant I am to her. How very special she thinks I am and how valuable my family is to her.

I believe that my true significance is not measured by what makes me feel significant. Although an extra special blessing as much as I love my blanket if I was without it I would not think that I was insignificant. Our feelings can come and go. They are changeable often times unpredictable and can go up and down depending on the day or weather. But whether or not we are significant is unchangeable. It is a constant variable whether we feel it or not. No one or nothing will ever answer this question for you like your Father. Guess what happens when the God of the universe calls you by name and tells you that you matter? You do.