Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life Lessons

Daniel Porter writes about his mom, Hyechong.

 My mother is one of the two most influential people in my life. She is always there for me whether I want it or not and sticks by my side when I'm starting to fall down. 
She is an awesome cook, cooking dishes from all over the world: anywhere from Korean dishes to Mexican dishes, and the occasional American dish. 
As well, she is easily one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the handling of kids. I have learned all that I know from her and more and still there is more that she knows. It really helps know that my sister Hannah and I are going to be heading the teaching of Sunday School rather than them. 
A nice thing, though, is that she knows how to be strict with us when necessary and won't let us off easily. A lot of my life lessons have been taught by her and I continue to follow them to this day. 
My mother is just a great person and I am so lucky that God has blessed me with a kind and loving mother like her.

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