Friday, May 4, 2012

Snoopy Songs and Sharing Snacks

Today's post is "written" by Andrew and Aria Doyle in honor of their mother, Sherry.  (Thanks Daddy)

Dear Mommy,

Even before I was born, you have been my musical inspiration! When I was 5 months in your belly, you sang the Superman song to me when we were flying in the plane together! Then, you and Daddy started singing the Snoopy song to me every night before we all went to sleep…I’ll never forget how excited I was to hear that song in the hospital right before I was born…my heart came alive! Since then, you have helped me refine my taste, starting with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and now moving onto Bach’s Yachset! I just love it when you sing…I hope one day we can sing duets together! Maybe Daddy can sing with us too, but Aria doesn’t usually get it right, so I’m not sure if she’ll work out.

I also really like it when you give me a sandwich, grapes, and crackers and only make me eat the amount that I want to eat! Oh, and ketchup…what can I say about that? Additionally, I really appreciate that you are very technological, because I love your IPAD and IPhone…yeah, that would be fun! Also cars and trains too of course…you always make sure I have my McQueen and Thomas.

Oh, and a couple of other things. Thanks for taking me to the doctors all the time and always making sure I have the right medicines, especially eye drops and “candy” for my allergies. You’re also really patient with me as I navigate the complexities of the potty…I’ll tell you what, that sticker chart idea was genius! Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you this: You’re really pretty…sometimes I like it when Daddy is out of town and you let me sleep on his side of the bed!

Andrew Christopher Doyle

PS… that cool Mommy?

Hi Mom!

Do you know what makes me happy? Seeing you in the morning after we’ve both slept in! And then, we’re off to a really good day! It’s also great when Andrew goes to school and it’s just you and me for a couple of hours…I love it when I get you all to myself! We can read “MElmo” together, watch Bubble Guppies, and just talk. Also, I love your food…and not just the food you make for me…the food that is actually on your plate. It’s kind of like dessert for me…after I’ve had my meal!

I also like it when we go shopping together, especially those yard sales! I really end up getting a lot of clothes then…and by the way, those new white slip-on shoes you got for me at Coles? Adorable…keep that up! I’m also really feelin’ the pink shorts…they look good on me. Ok, and I have to confess, even thought I pretend like I don’t like it, when you put my hair in a ponytail, it really makes me feel pretty! And what can I say about those baths in the sink? It’s really nice sometimes to just get away from Andrew’s splashes and unwind in my own space! A girl needs her space!

I look forward to “girl time” as I get older, and I’m really grateful that you teach me to be gentle…I really look up to you, no really, you’re quite tall, so I REALLY do look up to you! Oh yeah, one other thing: I like to sing, but I’m not nearly as good as Andrew (I might just stick with the name ‘Ariana’). Can you arrange some dance lessons in the near future? I think that’s my thing!

Hugs and Kisses,
Ariana Kay Doyle

PS…Disney World was awesome! Especially the light show at 9:30 that I stayed up for…it was AMAZING! Can we do that again in like 6 or 7 years?

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  1. Precious! What a wonderful sense of humor Andrew and Ariana have -- and at their tender, young ages! Prodigies, for sure! ;o)