Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stepping out of the shadows of isolation.

"Step out of the shadows of isolation and into the healing from the One who gives ‘every good and perfect gift’ (James 1:17).”  This sentence from an article I recently read on, really struck a chord with me.  This last few years for me have been all about stepping out of the shadows of isolation to heal.  God has and continues to bless me abundantly with knowledge and support  through my trials.  I was led to a new church community, given the support and information to begin  healing, and sent to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) with my persistent, truth speaking, dear friend Emily. (She was persistent by encouraging me to continue with BSF even though I thought I wouldn't have it all together to participate.) Through all these things God has led me the direction I always wanted to go, but didn't know how to.  

May 23rd was the last BSF meeting as well as the date of my husband's and my first date twenty years ago.  It was sharing day where you share how BSF helped you grow spiritually.  I shared about how I learned through Paul's example in Acts and his letters to the churches to find joy in the suffering and to persevere. Paul's story is just an amazing testimony.

My husband and I have been separated now for fourteen months. God has used this time to heal me and grow me spiritually.  He has given me a passionate heart for Jesus and revealed some of my spiritual gifts so I may bless others. The Lord has been teaching me how to trust and depend on Him while he walks with me through this.  No matter how worthless and rejected I feel by people, God loves me and has my best interest at heart.  Though it is tough being a single mom, this time has been a blessing for my relationship with my boys.  I have learned how it feels to love and give like God loves us and blesses us.  God has expectations of a Christian wife and mother that was not aware of.  God has led me away from those who tear me down and surrounded me with my brothers and sisters in Christ who build me up.  God has been my strength and courage as I have gone back to school. I will remember this experience to persevere in future trials.  I am just so glad I stepped out of the shadow to be healed and to learn about the life God wants us to live in Christ.  As hard as it is sometimes not to know what is going to happen, the Lord continues to give me peace.  Looking back, I can see how isolated I felt and now I can't imagine going back to that.  It is so freeing and I really want others to experience this.

Even though you are frustrated because can't see the why or how  the situation could possibly be good, remember to focus on the unseen because God's got it covered.  He has given us the perfect gift in Jesus.  Step out of the shadows and into the healing light. Embrace the full life God has given you. It is better than you can imagine.


  1. Karen,
    Thank you for being so honest. Glad you have stepped out of the shadows of isolation. It's not always easy to do... God bless!

  2. Thanks for posting Karen and for being so transparent!

  3. I can relate well to your journey and am so glad we re both stepping out of the shadows. As I write this it literally has just stopped raining and the sun is emerging from behind the dark clouds. Talk about a picture of what you described!

  4. Ahh, Karen, you are inspiring <3