Friday, May 18, 2012

Mom, Daughter, Granddaughter

Kay and Joy
Joy Kelly and Kristy Lamper are our writers today.

My Mom, Kay Ham, is a BEAUTIFUL blessing!  I am so thankful God made her my Mom.  Not only is she a great Mom but a wonderful Grandma to my girls and an amazing GeeGee to her great grandkids!!!  She is still ALWAYS willing to help out even being 81 years old.  Truly she is one of my best friends.  She's beautiful inside and out!!  I can call her anytime of day.  She listens with her heart and is always there when I need her.  Whether on a mission to help my brother or just girls out having fun, she makes me laugh.  She has made my life richer because she is in it.  She is a wonderful inspiration to me.  And I hope when I get to her age the remembrance of her beautiful legacy will live on.  Happy Mother's Day MOM!!!  Love, Joy 

Katie, Joy, Kristy and Roger:)

" On this Mother's Day, I want YOU to know how much it means to not only be able to call YOU my Mom... but to also call YOU my best friend. I love sharing life with YOU. Our everyday talks, our laughter, our struggles, our victories... all made more special because of YOU. God gave me an incredible gift of relationship with YOU and the best part just keeps getting better!! I love YOU MOM... Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!!" ~ Kristy

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