Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adoptive Love

        Being a mom involves your whole heart.  Our children are among the most precious gifts that God has given to us .   We love our kids with all we have and with that love comes sacrifice and vulnerability.   Adopting mommies are no exception.   God grows a love in our hearts for children who were not born from us, but capture our whole hearts just the same.  At the beginning it is just the idea of them that we love.  And then we get to that spectacular, long awaited moment where we receive a picture and a description of that special one who is to be ours.  A moment that takes our breath away and that we will never forget.   Then a truly agonizing wait begins as we are forced to watch this beautiful child,  OUR beautiful child,  grow and hit milestones from afar as we work and wait for the day when we get to take them in our arms forever and bring them home.
 A dear friend and a wonderful mommy in our church, Jennifer Blaschke, is experiencing this right now.  She is to be the mommy of 4 soon.  3 are home but 1 is very far away.  A sweet baby boy in Uganda is waiting for his mommy to come and take him home.    And his mommy is waiting, waiting, her heart so full and ready, to go and get him.

The Blaschke family is having a fundraiser this Saturday, May 12th, at the Chick-fil-A on Rt. 28 (Sowder Village Square next to Red Robin and Target) to help raise money for their adoption process.   From 7:30am - 2pm there will be a large yard sale in the parking lot with all kinds of great items available.  You can also help by eating inside from 11-2 and they will get a portion of the proceeds if you grab a coupon flyer on the counter and give it to the cashier.   Please come out and help support this awesome family!!  This Mother's Day weekend every one of us can be a part of this beautiful story that God is writing. 

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