Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Friend

 Hannah Montgomery shares her thoughts on her mother, Terri Perdue.

Many times in my life I have thought about how much I would love to have a “Best Friend.” You know, that friend you’ve known for ages. The one that knows everything about you and has been with you through the ups and downs. The one you know you will never lose touch with because you are so connected and close that the idea of ever not being friends is just heart breaking. I mean, I have had some great friends at different times in my life. But none that I feel I have stayed connected with because of different paths that life took us on.
It seems to be something that always bothers me. I want it so bad! I search for it… I try to change to make it happen… I get upset when I find that this just isn’t the right person to label “Best Friend.” I mean, they are not easy to find! I got married right out of school instead of going to college so I lost touch with those school friends. I married someone a bit older than me so finding the right age group to hang out with is hard. Then I had a baby so that made me even older (though having a child does help you to connect with other young moms J who I hope will become those forever friends!) 
How exhausting to work so hard at finding a “Best Friend!” Then I got to thinking about those qualities in a best friend… Loving, always there for you, fun to hang out with, trustworthy, a shoulder to cry on, common interests, honest, supportive, accepting, etc. Now, who in my life has those qualities… wait… sounds familiar… I know there is someone…
Oh yeah! My MOM!
That’s one of those moments where you feel so stupid and you smack yourself in the head. How silly to have been searching for so long and trying so hard when it was right in front of me all along! I could find no better person to label “Best Friend” then my mother. She fits every requirement and then some! You may say, well she is your mom… she is kind of obligated to love you. Not true! There are people out there who do not have the kind of relationship with their mom that I do. People that may not have a relationship with their mom at all. She didn’t really choose me as a daughter…God did that for her… but she did choose to be my friend.
When I go shopping the first person I want to go with is mom. Hair cut, doctor’s appointment, weekend away, movies… my mom. The first person I call when I don’t feel good or I have a question about something Alexis is doing… my mom. The first person I go to when I am upset and really just need to vent and let out frustration… my mom. The first person to give me wisdom when there is a hard choice to be made… my mom. The one who makes me mad sometimes by letting me make mistakes and learn the hard way… my mom. The one I yell at, disrespect and hurt who quickly accepts the apology and moves on… my mom.
I have always known that my mom and I are close. But I did not truly understand a mother’s love until I had Alexis. To finally understand that my mom loves me that much is insane. I did not know that type of love was possible until I could feel it for my own daughter. It’s refreshing and spectacular and scary and exhausting all at once! I feel blessed to have a mother who has that love for me and who has chosen to be not only an amazing mother but a Best Friend as well. I just hope that I can follow her example when raising Alexis and any other future children there may be.
Mom, I love you so much and I thank you for making the choice to have me… to love me… to take care of me… to show me how to be a wife and a mother… and to be my best friend.

Happy Mother’s Day, Best Friend! J


  1. It is an honor to be your mom and friend. I love you too, Mom

  2. Okay, I've started out my morning with coffee and a heart that was touched by your transparent words to your Mom, that produced tears and smiles! Thank you for sharing! <3

  3. That was so sweet Hannah! Loved it.