Monday, May 7, 2012

An Example Through Thick and Thin

Ariana Fowler Cook is the writer for this post.

You, mother, are an example to me
You have taught me the fundamentals
Of being a good mother
By being the best that you can be!

You have taught me how to be a good wife
By taking such good care of the
Father all of us adore
You have taught us the importance of life!

You kept our family as one
Despite the thick and thin
We do not make life easy for you
And we know your job is never done.

We appreciate all you do
Despite not always showing it
You have given us life
And for that we owe you!


  1. Amen! Barbara shows us all blessed to call her friend the heart of Jesus and His strength too. Awesome poem and just such an awesome family.--Melynda

  2. Beautiful sentiment!

  3. Ariana,

    You are so sweet! This is lovely :)