Monday, May 14, 2012

She Will Drop Anything For Me

It took me a while to sit down and write this ... I mean, when Jeanne Whitman is your mom where exactly do you start?  I could say that my mom is selfless, but that would be a drastic understatement.  I could say that my mom has a servants heart, but that doesn't even scratch the surface!  I could tell you that my mom will do ANYTHING for ANYONE at ANY TIME, and you couldn't possibly understand how true that statement really is.  She quite literally never has her own interests in mind, and never asks for or expects anything in return for what she does.  That's just my mom :-)
I can remember the week I got married and was getting ready to move out of the house.  I suddenly got this feeling in my gut and thought ... what am I going to do now??  Who is going to take care of me when I'm sick?  Okay, if I wake up with the flu Joe is supposed to know what to do?  She was the kind of mom growing up that if you woke up with a tummy bug in the middle of the night, it was like she was already waiting up for you.  Bowl and washcloth in hand, ready to take care of you like only a mom could :-)  She would drop everything to bring your forgotten homework to you at school.  She might even let you stay at home "sick" every once in a while because you forgot to study for that big test ;-)  She was as involved as a mom very well could be, and always believed the best in all four of us (even when we didn't deserve it).   I really could go on and on ... but I have to send this!!
Mom, I love you SO VERY MUCH and I am so thankful that (according to my siblings) you chose to adopt me from that trash can in Africa ;-)  You're the best mom a girl could ask for ... Thank you mom - I love you!!

Deciding what to write in this post about my mom has been somewhat challenging.  There are too many things that I love about her to write in one blog J

My mom is Jeanne Whitman, who many of you know.  And, as many of you also know, she’s pretty darn awesome.  I’ve had the great joy of having her as my mom and wouldn’t trade her for the world.  I know God gave her to me for a special reason, the same reasons he made me a mom of two precious girls.  She taught me many things growing up – one of my earliest recollections was the difference between “screaming” and “SCREAMING!!!” (lol, I know she’ll laugh when she sees that!) I have already used that one on mine when accused of screaming J.

I was privileged to grow up in a very loving, Christian home – with parents who love God and love each other, and love their family.  When asked what I am most thankful for in my life, that is my response – I can’t imagine growing up and not knowing that Jesus died on the cross for ME, what a privilege.

My mom is one of the most amazing women that I know – and not just because she’s my mom.  I talk to her every day and sometimes more than once.  She knows everything about me (sometimes too much…) I can tell her anything and not be judged – although I will still get a “motherly” talk out of it (which I wouldn’t trade).  I know that I sometimes take for granted that she is here and I can talk to her anytime I want and see her anytime I want.  I know friends that rarely get to see their mom’s and I find it a privilege to have her so close.  She’s awesome for a multitude of reasons – she’s ALWAYS there for me, no matter what she’s doing or where she is – she’d drop anything she was doing if I needed her.  And, the more amazing thing is that she does it for anyone, not just me.  She was and still is everything a mom should be, love and grace.  And, many times showing grace when I don’t think I deserved it J.

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  1. Beautiful tributes to a truly beautiful lady! You are right -- she would do anything she could to help anyone!