Monday, April 30, 2012

Z for In the Zone

Hannah Montgomery is the writer for the blog today.

Have you ever had a time when you were “in the zone?”  I remember saying to Thomas many times “Babe, I’m in the zone right now with this cake… the shape is almost perfect… don’t talk to me.” I felt empowered and accomplished because I was on the right track and that cake was looking awesome. I didn’t need distractions.

Yeah, I was in the zone and I got that cake looking perfect; But did I neglect my husband because my focus was on this cake? Did I ignore my daughter’s needs because I was too focused on making this cake amazing (that would soon be cut and eaten)? Were my reasons for wanting to make this cake perfect right?

Another experience I had lately was with a meeting. It was a Food Pantry Meeting at church during Connect Hour. I had a lot going on that morning and I was in “get it done” mode. The meeting ended up going great and a lot of things were shared and worked through. Immediately after the meeting I had this odd feeling though and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Eventually I figured it out. Something was missing from the meeting. GOD! I was in the zone alright… but I had completely pushed God out of it! I was too busy and too focused on other things to even think about Him. And in reality, the whole pantry should be focused on Him!

Are there times when you are “in the zone” and are missing out on opportunities that God is giving you? I mean, there are so many things in life that we miss out on because we are just too busy taking Jonny to practice, picking up Mary from a piano recital, getting a new dog bowl for Rufus, making this project turn out perfectly so we don’t look bad and never missing a single Bible Study.  We have our own agendas and don’t leave time to see God work. We may miss that sweet hug to remind us of love or that quiet moment to remind us of rest. We zero in on the “must do’s” and getting things perfect and we forget about God and everything else!

Don’t get me wrong, being “in the zone” is not always negative. It really just means that you are focused. The thing is, making sure that you aren’t so focused on one thing that you miss out on everything else… especially those things God is trying so desperately to show you. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to share about God, an opportunity to convey your passions, an opportunity to be there for loved ones, an opportunity to encourage a person in need…. Just because you want to feel like the perfect mom… the great planner… the amazing cake maker… the master cook, etc.

Step “out of the zone” for a minute. Let God show you the bigger picture. Think about what you may be missing out on. Now, follow His lead and experience all that He has planned for you!


  1. Being a total "type A", this is so totally me! Double that with a busy schedule and it's so easy to get wrapped up "in the zone". Thanks for the reminder - I needed it this week!

  2. I defenitely needed this reminder. Awesome job Hannah! Thank you :)