Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Money

I tend to bare my soul on this blog, so why should tonight be any different?

I went out for a quick meal with my dear husband tonight and I ordered one of my favorites.  Spaghetti.  I'm not very creative when it comes to ordering food and could probably eat pasta every day, but it reminded me of a little story from my childhood.

I grew up poor.  My mom and dad ran a little television business and they kept us fed and clothed and we had a home but there was never any extra.  We knew that because they talked about their business in front of us and we were constantly aware of their financial needs and how many sales they would need to make in order to earn a little for that day.  Maybe my brother and sister didn't take this to heart, but I certainly did and so, worrying about money became a way of life for me.

On this occasion....I was about 9 years old... my dad sold enough televisions to win a trip to Williamsburg, VA ( a BIG DEAL!!) and wonder of wonders, the entire family would get to go and our hotel would be paid for.  It was like winning the lottery for our small clan and we packed up and went to the Hospitality House and settled in.  That night, we were to eat in the hotel restaurant and all my brother could talk about was the big steak he was going to get.  All I could think of was, how in the world were we going to pay for it?

The place was lovely, but right away my eyes went to the prices on the menu and I was overwhelmed.  I quickly found the cheapest meal, spaghetti, and ordered that.  Everyone else ordered steak.  Didn't they have any idea that the bill was going to be astronomical??  I miserably sat and ate my spaghetti while all around the table my reckless family was chowing down on the most delicious looking steaks.  I was sick at heart but no one seemed to notice.  Finally, the waiter came with the bill and placed it on the table near me.  52 dollars!!!  Oh my word, how would we pay for it?  Immediately, I burst into tears and sobbed and sobbed.  Everyone stopped and looked at me as though I had three heads and my mother asked what was wrong.  I hiccuped out the dread thoughts that were swirling around in my head and my parents started laughing.  Silly girl!!  The bill was paid for as part of our trip and there was no need to worry.  I could have had anything on the menu.

In my story, our meal had already been purchased, I just didn't know it.  The funny thing is that Jesus has already purchased our freedom from worry, from fear, from anxiety, and from a whole host of other things but we act as though we don't know it.  All around us we see people living high on the hog, spiritually speaking, and we seem to be lodged under a big boulder of dread.  Ask Jesus to move that boulder for you. Ask Him to free you from the worry that binds you and He will.  Sometimes I let that boulder roll back over me and I have to ask again, but that's ok.  Our Savior loves us and never tires of picking us up, dusting us off, and reminding us that He's there with us.

Remember....the bill has already been paid!

"And Jesus said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?" Mark 4:40

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