By our dear friend, Pam McCracken.....


How many times did I hear Billy Crystal say those words, it always made me laugh. Did I feel that I looked marvelous, NO never.

I wanted to be the person that Billy Crystal would address with “You look marvelous.”

Does God think I looked marvelous, does God think think you look marvelous. Without a doubt, He made us in His image, how could we be anything other then marvelous.

Many years ago, there was a marvelous woman that was unwed and pregnant and right off the boat from Ireland, ( in 1951 things didn't go so well for an unwed girl in Ireland) she with love gave her baby up for adoption to two most marvelous people who had been praying for a baby of their own. And the little baby had already asked God for a mommie and daddy. At that moment God knew every day of this babies life was written in His book, and she was marvelously and wonderfully made.

God has walked every step of the way with this baby girl as she grew up and made tons of mistakes, and He continued to love her in spite of herself.
Even loving her in those very hard times when she didn't love herself.

God loved her so much that He brought her a marvelous husband and blessed them both with three marvelous baby girls.(thankfully not all three at one time). When the teenage years took over God was up to the challenge just as he had been many years ago for that unwed mother that wanted her baby to have a life she couldn't give.
Now the teenagers are young beautiful women, with marvelous lives of their own. God is right there with each one of them. And after all these years God is still with the little baby girl now 60 years old, and has given her many many marvelous children and critters to love over the years, as a teacher of our Lord and art and music. And because He is always faithful and always loving, He still thinks that grown up little baby girl is marvelous so He sent her two marvelous grandsons for her to love.