Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Weddings, Work, Working Out, Wallets.....and all sorts of other things!

Shannon Perdue is the writer of this post, chock full of Ws.

I have to admit I’m not the poster child for weddings. I didn’t spend my childhood dreaming of one and I certainly don’t have a scrapbook with plans, ideas, and pictures. In fact when my mom and wedding coordinator show me different centerpieces, wedding toppers and dozens of wedding invitations I have been known to shrug and tell them to let Adam choose. There’s so much to do it makes my head spin. I decided since the letter of the day is W I’d share the W’s of what and who has helped me get through all this wedding insanity.

Here goes….

W is for Wedding coordinator. Mine is an old, high school teacher of mine, named Julie Edgar. She’s been my lifesaver. She orders everything, puts everything together, researches everything and then shoots me daily and weekly emails showing me what she’s worked on, makes sure I like it and then powers on. I forward the emails to Adam and we make any revisions or suggestions if any are needed. Julie has made it possible for me to do what I love most, which is teach, without being distracted the never ending checklist.

Which brings us to the 2nd W which is;

W is for work. I love my work as a teacher. When I walk into that classroom the world falls away and it’s just me and my favorite kids. The stress over flower choices and reception lists fades and in it’s place the reality of raising and training up the next generation becomes my priority and passion for the next eight hours.

After the workday it’s onto my next two W’s which are working out weight vest. Everyone wants to look good at their wedding right? Not me. I want to look great! It turns out that looking great which is more about healthiness than thinness for me is also a huge wedding stress release for me. From the time I hit my bike after work until the moment I walk into the gym and put on the 12-pound vest that I wear while running and cycling I think about nothing. I just bob my head in time with the music and revel in the sweat and adrenaline.

When I finish working out and finally return home sometimes I am brave enough to walk upstairs and push open the door of Alexis’ nursery (yes she has a nursery at our house.) For a short time Alexis has willingly agreed to lend me her room as a “wedding room.” Never heard of a wedding room. Let me explain it’s a room full of everything lacy, girly and flowery.  Boxes line the walls filled with baskets, feathers, jewelry, shoes, invitations, sand, vases, pictures, candles, etc . Do you get my drift? I only venture into this room after doing a certain amount of Yoga sessions after I have reached my inner calm because a wedding room can be very overwhelming if entered without mental preparation. The wedding room was made possible by another W though so I felt like I had mention it do this next W adequate justice.

You see W is also for wallet. Whose wallet you ask? Well that’d be my dad’s. J All joking aside weddings are ridiculously expensive. I am so thankful for both of my parents and all the financial sacrifices they are making to help this wedding be great. I’m also thankful for having a job that allows me to make money to help out with the cost. Another group of people that have opened their wallets to make this day special is one of my favorite W’s.

W is for wedding party. We have a huge wedding party, 28 people to be exact. How blessed are we to have our closest family and friends right by our side for one of our biggest days, These guys and girls have all bought tuxes, dresses, shoes, put together showers and parties that have stretched them financially. They have listened to us vent, me cry once or twice, and have in many ways been at our beck and call for all kinds of wedding activities and duties.

The wedding party have just been a few of the people who have given us wise, wedding counsel. Well not so much wedding counsel, more so marriage counsel but marriage doesn’t start with W, now does it? I am indebted to Pastor Steve and Pam Benedict for the countless hours they have spent investing in Adam and I’s life as we get ready to become husband and wife. They have a marriage I pray I can emulate. The wisdom and advice they have given has been invaluable!

Lastly and most important my favorite W that has gotten me through and even made me enjoy this wedding madness listed above is…

My Wonderful fiancé, Adam is my final W. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be doing all of this wedding stuff if it weren’t for him. He is absolutely the most amazing, Godly man! He has been so involved in every part even more so than me at times which has been a huge relief for me. I love him with everything in me. He’s the only reason I can talk about meat choices at our wedding (I’m a vegetarian.) He is the only reason I get excited about everything blue and green (our colors.) He’s made me laugh when I’ve been overwhelmed. He’s been willing to compromise preference to make me more comfortable. Yep, this one is definitely my favorite W.

Thanks to our wonderful Savior for constantly loving and forgiving us. It is because of your grace and redemptive work in our lives that we can have this wedding and embark on this journey of love and life. We are nothing without you.

W is for wedding. Ours is July 1, 2012 at 4pm at GLCC. Hope to see you all there!

Come Watch me become a Wife. J

-Shannon Perdue

P.S. W is also for wine. Just a glass a day keeps the wedding jitters away,
just saying. J


  1. Toasting the wonderful couple! Way to go Shannon!

  2. I'm out of breath reading it, Shannon! What a Whirlwind...just for a couple more Ws:) Thanks for the fun update!!