Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for One Another

Written by our friend, Debbie Rector.

As I was praying one morning, our Dad reminded me of his great gift of  “one another."  I put the phrase into my Bible search engine and began reading….. Wow!  Encouraging one another; greeting one another; offering hospitality to one another; devoted to one another; honor one another; submit to one another out of reverence to Christ; keep loving one another…..

Yes! This is us, Grace Girls!  And our bond of “one another” is not by chance, or of our own doing, but by The Hand of Mercy.  He knew laughter was more healing when shared with “one another."  He knew we would experience times when it was just to hard to comprehend His love; finding it impossible to even consider who He says we are as our true identity.  So, we remind "one another" of His words written on our hearts. As fountains of Jesus, consider spending some time today, watering your thoughts, emotions and innermost being with the Truth of who God says you are.  Enjoy Him, as we sprinkle “one another”  as His hands of mercy

Thank each of you, for sharing yourself with me, as we continue our journey with “one another” in Jesus.

Living Loved,

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