Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silly Thoughts

I have silly thoughts all the time - many are provoked by my children, but I suppose most are because I am, well, silly! So, I thought I'd dedicate a post to this. If you're silly like me, you've probably had some of these thoughts.... feel free to share your silly thoughts in the comments!

  • Why does it always seem to rain when I'm having a really good hair day?

  • How is it that my daughter has to walk past the laundry room every time she leaves her bedroom, yet her dirty clothes still never seem to make it to the hamper?

  • How did we get the name "woman"? Did Adam let out a hearty "WO!!!" the first time he saw Eve and God just decided to pop that in front of "man"?

  • Why do I always get a craving for an Oreo cookie right after one of my kids has eaten the last one?

  • Why do happy moments slip our minds so easily, but sad ones can sometimes seem to linger on forever?

  • In the grand scheme of things, how the heck do dinosaurs fit into the picture???

  • Why do we drive on the right hand side of the road here, but in Eurpoe they drive on the left?

  • How did the English language end up with SO many words? And who assigned meaning to them? I mean, what if "up" really meant "down" and vice versa?

OK, I may have gone past silly to just plain wierd on that last one, but I know I'm not alone!!! There are lots of things I have questions about, but one thing I'm certain of - God loves me. Today, tomorrow, every day. In all the chaos of life, it's nice to have that to rest on at the end of the day.

p.s. Silly runs in my family. Check out this picture of my son...

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  1. I've had so many silly questions in my time. Sometimes I ask my husband and he gives me the old eye roll and doesn't answer. I love Max's picture by the way. He's a boy after my own heart!