Monday, May 9, 2011

Love Their Language

The postings on Facebook this weekend were not only comical and inspiring, they also had a common theme – gifts moms would receive for Mother’s Day. It could have been a promo for the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

One mom was excited to receive jewelry from her family, while another felt that nothing spelled love like Y-A-R-D-W-O-R-K.

Still another mom would not have traded having her husband and nine kids snuggled around her for anything. Others enjoyed a night out at the movies or “yard sale-ing” with their mom. And to top it all off, some believed the best gift was hearing their child say, “Thanks for being the best mom ever.”

We all have different “love languages” – be it Quality Time, Gift Giving, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, or Acts of Service. According to the book, we tend to show love to others the way we want to receive love. So, if you feel loved when someone praises you, chances are you tend to be an encourager to others and Words of Affirmation would be your love language. Or, if you feel loved while catching up with a friend over coffee, chances are your love language is Quality Time. And if you are giddy with excitement when your child or husband takes out the trash without being asked, you’re an Acts of Service kind of gal.

It’s easy to show love to our family and friends the way we want to be loved. The challenge is making sure they feel loved in their own language. Many people have more than one love language, but usually there is one that speaks love more than others. If we think we have a tough job, imagine what a monumental task God has to make sure all of his children feel loved in their own language!

What, you ask, is my love language?

While I have absolutely loved the thoughtful gifts, handmade cards, abundant hugs, time spent with family and words of praise I have received this weekend, I must say that hearing the sound of the vacuum whirring and the power washer blasting the deck – and I’m not doing it and it wasn't my idea – is music to my ears! J

What is your love language? How do you show love to those around you? Take some time this week to try and figure out what your loved ones love language is.

Having trouble deciding which one is their “first” language? I bet they would be happy to tell you.


  1. What a fun post, Laura! I think I'm acts of service as well, since I made a special "text" request to my boys to clean the house while I was gone Saturday so it would be nice for Mother's Day. It makes me feel special to have people take care of the things that sometimes come close to drudgery.

    I'll never turn down chocolate or flowers, and a hug or kiss is terrific, but vacuuming or cleaning a bathroom so I don't have to, that makes me tick!!

  2. Laura, This is one of my favorite books! When my husband is getting a little cheeky, I sometimes leave it on his pillow as a joke :) They have so many different versions too - husbands, wives, kids... And it's an amazingly easy read. I think it's amazing how much we can tell about our children's love languages by the gifts that they give us. Thanks for the reminder and the unique perspective on Mother's Day gifts!

  3. Hmm. I think I like it when people do all 5 for me. ;)

  4. Laura, so glad you highlighted this book...very good read and good reminder that we are indeed all different. Jen makes a good point about being able to tell a lot about our kid's love languages by what they give us. I think that holds true for most people...unless they're aware of this concept and actively seek to love others in a way that speaks to them. That, I believe, is truly sacrificial loving. Hum, I think I just busted myself. I hate when that happens. :o)