Saturday, May 14, 2011

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived...

...what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor 2:9

I recently completed a 9 month study of the book of Isaiah. I did this through my membership in an international, non-denominational Bible study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Have you heard of it?

This past Wednesday marked the end of my 7th year at BSF! I can't believe it! Yet, I am so grateful for the way God has used His word through the study each week to teach, mold, lead, enable, comfort, encourage, and convict me! With every lesson, I am changed.

Through Isaiah, God gave me a picture of the splendid future that awaits believers. In fact, He is unfolding a plan right now to that end, set into motion before time, culminating with the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ! For those who love Him, it will be a day of unimaginable joy and celebration. And for those who don't, it will be a time of eternal judgment and despair. God is both merciful and just. And each person decides which One he will meet on that day.

Below is a poem I wrote to try to capture the magnificence of that day. It is my wish that we believers would not lose heart in today's Godless world, but focus instead the world of tomorrow. Trust His promise. There WILL come a day!

There’s Coming A Day

Do you not know? Have you not heard?
God’s planned a grand heyday!
And it’s as sure as His own word.
There soon will come a day!

When Christ returns to our sad world,
The trumpets will announce:
“The King’s come home to claim His own!”
And every knee will bow.

On this great day, all will proclaim,
That Jesus Christ is Lord!
While some will praise, with hands upraised,
There will be those who mourn.

They’ll know too late, their dismal fate,
Decided by the One,
They cast aside; and none can hide,
From the eyes of God’s son.

The Savior’s light will wash the blight
Away, to cleanse the land.
On this good day, the saints exclaim,
“Our destiny’s at hand!”

He’ll take this place, its depraved ways,
And put it far behind.
Our former sin, and things akin,
Won’t even come to mind.

Pure Good will reign, while wrongs and pain,
Will be made right again.
On this day see, all things will be,
As God intended them.

He’ll dwell among, all those whose tongue,
In life, professed Him Lord.
His splen’drous light will oust the night.
Our sun need shine no more.

Disease will flee. The blind will see.
The deaf will hear and speak.
The sad delight, as tears are wiped,
Away from every cheek.

Folks will be drawn, to Mount Zion,
From nations far and near.
We’ll walk the Way, made for this day
Bearing gifts and good cheer.

The multitudes, no longer feud,
But raise a single voice,
To form a choir, that never tires,
Expressing heartfelt joy.

We’ll start a life, as bride of Christ.
A new name we’ll receive.
The thirsty chug, from streams that flood,
Of living water free.

A wedding feast, no eye has seen,
The likes of e’er before!
Will be served ’till, we eat our fill,
And want for nothing more.

Oh, how my heart, longs for the start,
Of that sweet day to dawn.
When lies are hushed, and death is crushed,
And sin’s forever gone.

But God ’lone knows, the time to go,
Before His son returns.
He’s set the date. He won’t be late.
We wait, with souls that yearn.

Until that day, the plan won’t change.
In this, we place our trust.
God keeps His word. Our hope’s secured,
In Him who’s true and just.

God says He’ll birth, a brand new earth,
Once Christ, in pow’r and might,
Comes back. So know: here’s NOT your home.
Let’s keep that day in sight!


  1. Oh, what dept of feeling you put into your poem. Thank you for sharing. I too gained so much from that study. Thank you my friend and we will meet that day with joy and assurance. All of His word is true.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for sharing what the Lord has given you in these beautiful words. I love how when you read this, both times, you came to a certain point and your heart was full to overflowing. You poems are always an inspiration to me.