Friday, May 6, 2011

Okay..... It's Sunday's Sunday.....!

What do you do with Sunday? Is that day special or is it just another day of the week to check off in your day planner?

Last Sunday my husband and I had the joy of being greeters. I love doing this, for I get to greet people that I know and many who I do not know, I get to shake hands and give hugs or stoop down and greet those pre-schooler's who come in wearing pretty dresses or button down shirts. Then there are the teens who wander in looking for their friends, the couples who have been attending worship for many years, the teachers carrying their supplies, or the mom who just wants to get everyone in the door. If you're a mom of any age you can remember the Sunday ride to church that just didn't seem to go as you had planned. The older kids fought all the way there, or the baby got sick and you had not packed a spare outfit, or there were some unkind words exchanged between your husband and you. We have all been there and done that and, as we got out of the car for THE WALK to the door, we were not always able to pull it all together with our Sunday "all is well" smile. Oh, how I remember those days, and sometimes when we would have a sleep-over with a grandchild we relive those Sundays.

"Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy"

Let me share with you about a time in my life when I am sure God was wondering why I was not remembering the "keep it Holy" part. You see, I was a busy working mom with a husband, three children in grade school, middle school and high school. Sunday became the day that I pridefully thought was meant for me. So Sunday lunch became my target of "poor me". After all, I prepared meals all week long - someone should think of me! It was my day of rest. That's what scripture says, right? Wrong thinking on my part! Selfish thinking, prideful thinking, stinking thinking! So first I suggested we get fast food. Good idea. Wrong! No two could agree on what it should be. This went on for weeks-the arguments over food. You would never know that we had just returned from Worship.

The Lord finally got my attention and let me know what a selfish, prideful, strong willed wife and mother I had been. An idea began to form in my mind. How about planning a meal that could be put in the oven before we left for church? Use the timer. Okay Lord, I will try that. Well, the first Sunday of the new plan worked like a charm. No arguments, good food and time to talk about what the children had learned in church. Peace, enjoyment, a time to reflect and savor the day.

My time of giving up my selfishness for the welfare of all has become a much anticipated time for me. Soon Sunday became a time when my teen children would ask to invite a friend for Sunday lunch. That was pretty neat! Great way to meet their friends in a non-threatening atmosphere. Now this Sunday lunchtime has become a tradition for me. I now look forward to the time I can be with my adult children and grandchildren. My grandchildren often invite a friend to join us. Now on Sunday our table is full, but there is always room for one more. Some Sundays the food just seems to multiply and no one leaves hungry. Sunday is a time to reconnect with each other after we have been in God's House.

How do you feel about Sunday? Do you look forward with anticipation? Is Sunday the one time you can be quiet and let the worship music carry you away? Do you allow God to speak to you through His Word and perhaps leave you with areas in your life you need to examine? A time to meet friends? A time to check off the square of being an example of a good Christian parent, having taken your child to church? Or is Sunday a time of stress with just one more "have to" in your busy over-scheduled weekend? Is Sunday the day you finally get caught up with work around the house? Or is Sunday you day to rest because God said that is what the Sabbath is for - a celebration of anticipation. "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Okay it's Sunday! Greet the day with anticipation.

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  1. Sally - What a great reminder to us all to keep Sunday holy! How easy it is to focus on "just getting there", "having it all together", "delivering the best Sunday school lesson ever", or "dining out because I deserve it". In other words, making it all about me. But Sunday is God's day, and His gift back to us when we refocus on Him long enough to let Him work! TGIS, I say (vs. TGIF)