Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Week in Jamaica by Tammie Utne

Wow, Jamaica! Really? Are you sure you want to go? I remember having this conversation with my son, Jake a year and half ago when he decided he wanted to go to Jamaica. Lance volunteered himself to go with Jake and I breathed a sigh of relief because I don't think I was ready yet. Jake came back so excited and told his sister, Rebecca and well, that was the end of the story. Rebecca was sold and couldn't wait to go this year!! I honestly didn't want to be left behind if my whole family was going so there I went.

I have to back up a little bit because God was working through this entire year preparing for this trip for us. It started immediately after Lance and Jake came back and the spiritually maturing process that I began to witness in Jake. It began also in Rebecca where I saw a spark in her to want to help others and serve God. It also began in a simple trip to the Pediatrician's office back in August where a nurse I vaguely knew asked if I ever thought of working there. I laughed and told her I did still keep my Nursing license but I was busy Substitute Teaching. Then, the thought occurred to me, Why not? What are you afraid of? Just see if you can do it after all these years off and if it doesn't work out then at least you tried. So I did and that was another answered prayer. You see, the money we received from my paychecks paid for our trip to Jamaica and God knew ahead of time, we would need the money. A broken washing machine and other unforeseen expenses this last year was going to put this trip in jeopardy. Thank you God!
As we went to the Sunday evening meetings in preparation for Jamaica, a nagging feeling kept eating at me. What am I doing here? How can God use me in Jamaica? I think I find myself as my kids are growing up and are now both officially teenagers that they don't need me anymore. (lie from Satan). I looked around the room as we would gather and see very capable people who for the most part had been there before and knew where they would be helping. I finally gave it up to God and realized that if His Word is true, then I am God's workmanship that He can use. I just have to make myself available.
Leading up to Jamaica, we were set to fly standby since Lance works for American Airlines. All flights looked green the weeks leading up to our trip. Until two days before our scheduled flight and there was an unforeseen fire at Miami's Airport which shut down completely. Uh Oh! This was another trust moment and we didn't freak out because I kept on thinking, God if you want us to get there, you will make a way. He did! We ended up having to pay a little bit for a direct flight from Dulles straight to Montego Bay! Thank you God!! The rest of the group made it safely a couple of hours later from Dallas and if they had been scheduled to fly into Miami, they would have been days late!!! Another answer to prayer!
We made it to Jamaica and God ended up using me at the school. I also taught nutrition, dental health and women's health for the moms/church members. That was totally out of my comfort zone. I don't like to speak in public and I really don't feel comfortable in women's ministry settings either. But, I think God likes to take us to our “uncomfort” zones to explore where we will go and to trust in Him again.
My lesson that week among all of the beautiful Jamaican smiles and hugs from the sweet children we met was that we all serve a very Mighty God who is capable in taking our insecurities and fears and using them to help others. May God take you to your “uncomfort” zone and as the Jamaicans like to say "No problem Mon".

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