Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

Love this picture of Heidi! What a fun lady she is:)

Have you met Heidi O'Donnell? If you have you know what a wonderful lady she is... funny, encouraging, dedicated, generous...I could go on and on! I've known Heidi for a few years now, ever since I was working as the 3rd grade Sunday School teacher and she was teaching 4th grade. Then I had the pleasure of serving with her in Vacation Bible School and after that I did some spotty food pantry volunteering where Heidi was and is one of the driving forces. Shopping for food and helping others gather what they need for the week is just part of what her responsibilities are. She also organizes the volunteer schedule and is on hand when possible to help visitors with their food needs and get them connected if there are other problems. Does not being able to speak Spanish keep her from communicating? No, she smiles her lovely smile and nervous shoppers are instantly comforted. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her dedication is inspiring.

Make it a point, if you haven't met her to seek her out and say hello. Tell her "thank you" for how she is making an impact on our children and on the community. Heidi, you rock!!

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