Saturday, April 2, 2011

Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear" (Mark 4:9).

Hello Grace Life friends! How fun it is to peek into your deepest thoughts and lightbulb moments! As I read, it strikes me that God is forever attempting to communicate with us. And aren’t we are just like ants, hurriedly scampering about our oh-so-important business? But through the chaos, He reveals Himself and teaches us who are ready to receive. Do we lend Him a teachable and listening ear? Do we search out His hand in our lives?

In January, I attended a children’s ministry workshop (I teach 2nd grade Sunday school). It was a great time of fellowship, encouragement, and growth as we shared ideas and lessons learned in the classroom. During the breakout session, we addressed “object lessons”. To practice, Heidi O. gave each of us a grab bag of random items. (My bag contained an oven mitt, a rubbery stretch toy, a flashlight, notepad, and a cheerleader pom pom.) Our assignment was to come up with spiritual lessons based on these ordinary objects. The discussion started stiffly. Gradually though, as we sought to “hear” and “see”, creative ideas began to fly! It was so exciting! Who would have thought an oven mitt has something to teach about salvation? Or, a stretch toy shows us the need to de-compartmentalize our lives??

Ever since the workshop, I’ve been much more aware of God’s efforts to get my attention. His object lessons seem to show up everywhere! Everyday He gives me glimpses, realizations, and “ah ha”s moments, smack in the middle of the chaos. I guess you’ll be hearing about those in future postings! The grab bag’s getting full!

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