Friday, April 15, 2011

Be Still...

I'm a planner. Type A to the max. I have a list for everything. Yes, I had my whole life planned out by the time I was 18. And yes, I know God's plan is WAY bigger than mine... but He built me like this, so I try to use my planning "skills" as a gift. That is, until a week like this one comes along!

You see, I have this Google calendar where I put my schedule and my kids' schedules. My husband has one too where he posts his schedule. We share calendars so everything is all planned out, nice and pretty, in one place, just the way I like it!

This week was going to be a busy one -- football and cheer on Monday, baseball practice Tuesday, baseball game and cheer on Wednesday, football and baseball practice Thursday... and the weekend? 5 baseball games, 3 hours of cheer and 1 football game! Sounds like a lot, but you see, I had it all planned out on my pretty little calendar. It was all going to run smoothly, no problem, easy breezy! And then the rain came. Tuesday - cancelled, Wednesday - cancelled, weekend baseball tournament - CANCELLED... Are you kidding me??? I can fly by the seat of my pants for one day, but for a week? Come on now! You'd think I would see the freed up time as a blessing, but I was too busy consuming myself that my plans were getting messed up.

So, my nicely planned out week has gone up in flames and now this planning "skill" of mine has turned into a burden. Kids are picking on one another, I'm losing my cool... but the planner in me is consumed with trying to figure things out and replan, then replan again, and again... Then I hear it from somewhere in the back of my mind, "Be still". Still? I'm a mover, a shaker, gotta get to the next thing on my plan. Wait, what happened to my plan? "Be still." This time I get it. Time for me to let it go. God's plan is bigger. I'm still not quite sure what He has in store for me this week, but I'm going to be still and know that He is God, and I'm sure His plans are WAY better than mine!

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  1. I'm not entirely a Type A personality.. but I'm a planner and I GET THE NEED for planning b/c it helps keep the kids on track and keeps them from spending to much "together" time! I've tried to work on letting go to keeping to my "schedule" a bit so that the kids could learn that "being still" is ok..and that I need to "BE STILL" and let God show me what his plan is for me.. and not let me try to how him what my plan is for me!! I hope you have had a better week with being still!..I know I'm working on it..but enjoying the progress I'm making :)