Friday, April 22, 2011

He said..."become like little children" (Matt 18:3).

“Let’s read the story again, mommy!” My kids each went through a phase during their 2’s and 3’s when they wanted to hear the same storybook over and over and over again! Can you identify? Every single night, despite our tactics to divert and redirect (“Hey, how about this colorful one?”, “Check out the princess on this cover!”), we always ended up reading the same old story! For my husband and me, it became pure torture (I still recall some snippets today). But for them, it was new, fresh, and exciting, and they listened with eager interest, as if it were their very first time.

As adults, there are some things we just never tire of hearing either. I thought of this on Sunday, as I took in Pastor Bob’s sermon. Skillfully, he described the life we believers were born to naturally, and then, reborn to in Christ. We too were crucified to our past, our sinful natures, our striving to be acceptable and good enough, the day we trusted Jesus as Savior. In its place, we received Christ’s perfect righteousness and His inseparable presence for all eternity.

I listened to this wonderful story with fresh, youthful ears. Indeed, it was banquet of pure delight! The scripture, the praise songs, the truth so perfectly delivered, the prayer of thanksgiving, are a story I never get tired of! I can never get enough of this story! It is music to my ears and the food my soul craves, every time I hear it. It reminds me: I am righteous (despite my sin)! Christ is my never-ending source of life (despite this creaky old body)! I will never be lonely again (even when I’m alone)! I will go directly into His arms after (after I take my last breath)! I am forgiven, I am FREE!!! Last Sunday, I think I could have stayed in that pew, listening to that same story, all day long!

Does this happen to you? Next time, listen with the enthusiasm of a child. You’ll hear the story, YOUR story, like it was the first time ever.

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