Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses

I'm a self-proclaimed neat freak. I love having a clean house -- the smell of the cleaner, the lines on the carpet from the vacuum... If you know me, you aren't surprised by any of this. Now, I don't clean every day - once a week while the kids are at school seems to work just fine. Occasionally, I even skip a week. GASP!!!

So, this morning while I was getting ready to start cleaning, something happened. I opened my refrigerator and it was like someone ripped the rose colored glasses right off of my face... My refrigerator was DISGUSTING!! OK, house cleaning has been officially derailed. Time to clean the fridge! And so there I was, cleaning the fridge for an hour and a half!!! Insane? Maybe, but it got me thinking. Somehow this neat freak had a refrigerator with several expired items (some by over 6 months!), juice spots all over the inside, rotten produce, even a moldy jar of jelly!! How did this happen to a neat freak like me??? Well, as a busy mother of 2 who is constantly running kids from sport to sport, social event to social event, I am just plain tired at the end of the day. Usually I do a quick "surface clean" at the end of the day to appease my inner neat freak. Somehow, I just hadn't gone deep enough with my cleaning over the past few months. As I thought about this in my disgust, I realized that there is more than my refrigerator that I've been neglecting... I have been "surface cleaning" many areas of my life, including God. Sure, I go to church every Sunday that I can and I read the inspirational bible quote that shows up in my in-box every morning, but when was the last time that I really made time for God? Time to let everything else melt away and just hear Him? Now, I know that I won't make a change overnight (those 2 kids with the jam-packed schedules aren't going anywhere), but at least I have taken off my rose colored glasses and see that it's time to make a change. Time to make more time for God.

How packed is your schedule? I want to challenge you to find an extra hour or two this week for God. Go to church for the first time in a while, meet up with a friend from church who inspires you, take your bible out of that drawer and read it... There are tons of things you can do. Will you make time for God too?

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  1. As life seems to move faster-n-faster, it can be a real challenge to REMEMBER God daily. Funny how technology is "helping" to make our lives "easier"...but, many days I start to think that perahps it's become so fast that I'm forgetting the most important part -- HIM! Kudos on such a great illustration, Jen!! I'm up for the challenge!!! :-)