Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

My mother had an amazing way of planting things. She could take any little slip of a growing thing, put it in dirt, and like magic it would become big and mighty in a very short time. It was a gift.

Another very important sort of gift is being available to serve where God directs and doing it joyfully. I popped in on the ladies in the infant nursery yesterday and saw love in action, crying babies being comforted and happy babies playing under the kind supervision of some younger volunteers. Each and every Sunday, the nursery is staffed by volunteers who give of their time and energies and we want to recognize them here on Grace-Lifeline.

This Monday's bloomers are Cindy Hagenhoff and her daughter, Sara. Melanie Johnson pitched in with her friend Sara, and those up and coming helpers are very much appreciated. Casey Hadsall put her mothering skills to work to care for the little ones, as did Kelly Badillo. Kelly's two children were there assisting as well. The young moms who bring their babies each week are sure to be thankful for such loving attention!

Be on the lookout for next Monday's bloomers. You never know who will be snapped joyfully serving where they've been planted.

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