Wednesday, April 20, 2011


What is your first thought when you hear of a natural disaster?
How Horrible!
Everything is gone.
Oh, those poor people!
How will they survive?
Who will help them?
What can be done to save others?
That is really sad but I sure am glad I don't live there.
Where is God?

When the major earthquake hit Japan I was in a daze just as many of you were. As the world learned of the total devastation in some areas it just became too much to watch. The news stations were right there to cover every new tragic event as it happened and we here could watch and listen from our comfortable homes and perhaps say OH THAT IS SO HORRIBLE. HOW WILL THE PEOPLE SURVIVE?

Or perhaps some of you can put a personal handle on the people of Japan. I did. No,I have never been to Japan but I know someone who was born and raised there. Several years ago Humi asked me to teach her Bible. What a joy that was. Humi had seen something different in the way my daughter led her life. She wanted what my daughter had. After coming to know Jesus Humi experienced God working in her life. She suffered a miscarriage and as disheartening as that was she felt the presence of God holding her hand.

Naturally after the earthquake my thoughts went to her and her family. Humi's family still lives in Japan - father, mother, sister brother, and nieces and nephews. Humi now lives in CA. with her family. I sent an e-mail to her inquiring about her family in Japan...had she heard from them? Were they safe? How was Humi dealing with the situation being so far from family? I assured her I would be praying for her and her family. Her reply was "Families are ok but still afraid of many problems." "Every day I feel so sorry with my family because I live away from Japan and I don't need to be scared everyday like them." (They do not know Jesus) She adds pray for them.

Do you know God?
Do you share with others how He is working in your life?
Do you believe that in all events God is in perfect control? I mean in ALL situations.

Through the study of the book of Isaiah this year it has become so evident to me that God is always in control. This brings me much hope in this changing world we live in today that no matter what the circumstances. No matter what natural disaster or who rules a country. He is still in charge. No fear He is He was and He will always be in control.

I hope that you too can experience that peace of God being in control.
Isaiah 49:16...See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Is your name engraved on His palm?

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  1. Sally, thanks so much for putting a personal touch to the tsunami by telling us Humi's story. Too often we say, "how horrible" and quickly forget about it when the news stations find the next horrible story. I will think of Humi and her love for the Lord and will remember her family in prayer. I'm glad we have a God who loves us and will take these burdens for us, don't you?