Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trying Something New

It's been pointed out to me by a dear friend that my recent posts have all dealt with fear. I suppose that's true and as authors are told to write about what they know, I MUST know a lot about fear. Let's just say that I'm going to carry on the theme.

Captain James Cook was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer who ultimately rose to the rank of captain in the Royal Navy. Cook made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to making three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, during which he achieved the first European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. (Wikipedia says this....not me.)

You're probably wondering why I'm writing about this guy who lived many years ago and who most of us remember from some vague mention in 7th grade world history. What fascinates me about him was the fact that he never went to sea until he was 18 or 19 years old. He was born on a farm, raised to follow in his ancestors footsteps, and didn't know a bit about sailing, navigating, etc, yet ended up being one of the world's best known sea captains and explorers. He could have played it safe and stayed with what he knew, but he dove in (no pun intended) and learned everything he could about his new passion. He didn't let his late start stand in his way.

My son Jonathan has decided he wants to play football. He's 13 and has never played with a team, or in a league, but he's not letting that slow him down. I'm busy thinking that he'll get creamed because he's not as experienced as other boys but Jon is not worried. He's decided to tackle his new passion (stop the puns already!) and isn't letting his inexperience slow him down. Everyday I get to hear of the great practices and the great plays and I'm happy that he's happy. He is NOT afraid and as a result, is having the time of his life.

Have you been thinking it's too late to do something you've wanted to do? Have you quit before you have begun because all the other kids will know how to do something and you won't? Let's try something new....trusting God for the courage to do it, stepping out in faith and not letting fear of the unknown hold us back. If Captain Cook can do it, and Jonathan can do it, why can't WE dive into something and live life passionately? Last one in is a rotten egg!

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