Monday, September 12, 2011

Holding on to Summer

Do you find yourself trying to hold on to summer?
As an old song by Nat King Cole states…Those Lazy Crazy Days of Summer. You’ll wish that summer could always be here.

Summer was fun with some lazy days…life was less packed with a have-to-do list. The list was still there but not as much pressure to accomplish all or to have such a set schedule. There was perhaps time to sit on the deck and enjoy your morning coffee…time to plant and harvest a garden…time to enjoy the beauty of planted flowers…time to go the beach and build sand castles with the kids….read a book for pleasure… ice cream on a hot summer day…cool down at a water park…..time to slow down and enjoy creation.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good: his love endures forever Psalm 16:34

I just love that – forever part! All good things come to an end. Summer comes and goes. Seasons change…..nothing lasts forever. But, that old saying is not true! Step away to your quiet place and thank God that it’s not true. Thank Him for his love and for His goodness that does last forever and His forgiveness.

Just think with each change of season there is something new…..yes, the beginning of school can be a challenge along with all of the after school and weekend activities. A new chance to change things…to become an even better wife, mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, etc. A new time to invest in the future of those you love. To become a mentor to someone. To reach out to a neighbor. To be a servant.

Remember the summer, but be challenged with the fall. A chance for a new beginning. Pray for wisdom as you venture into fall. Wisdom as to where your time should be spent. You will need wisdom to meet the entire have-to list with an attitude of service and love. Schedule time for you to rest and to refresh your soul and don’t forget to add a dash of FUN.

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