Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking Through Different Lenses

Sometimes God hugs come in ways we just don't expect....even through reading glasses.

I was having one of those stressful mornings. You know the kind when time just gets away from you and nothing seems to go right. On top of everything else, I had to get ready to leave the house for an appointment that I was really dreading. Fear and anxiety gave in to the “what if” game. The usual red flags that remind me that I am believing something that isn’t true were plowed over by self-focus. “What am I going to do if this doesn’t turn out good?” “What am I going to do IF….????” These thoughts were running through my head as I was preparing to leave.
My eyesight isn’t so good lately and I found myself looking down at blurry make-up, blurry papers, and a blurry computer screen. In fact, everything within my reach was out of focus. This certainly wasn’t helping me in my hurried state. Where did I put those reading glasses? I really need to tie those things around my neck! Well, I found them and put on those often-needed lenses. Immediately things came into focus. And guess what? God spoke to me in that very moment. I had to stop in my tracks. He showed me I was viewing things through my fears and insecurities. But I had a choice here. Just like putting on those glasses was a choice, I had the choice to look at things through God’s eyes. There’s peace there. He sees everything clearly and I don't have to understand or figure everything out. He sees the big picture! I could choose to trust Him. My loving Father reminded me that no matter what the circumstances may be, He is loving, trustworthy, forgiving, and faithful. Resting and trusting in Him to supply all my needs brings immediate relief from strain and striving. There isn’t frustration over things not looking how I think they should look. He knows and meets my deepest matter what. Nothing escapes or surprises Him. He is constant and He is faithful…even when I am not. He is El Roi (the God Who Sees)! Those reading glasses are my little reminder! Love those God hugs!

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  1. Lisa, today was pretty awful and this post reminded me to make a choice. I can remain angry and disappointed, or I can see through God's lenses and look for hidden blessings in my "misery". He's in control of ALL of our days, isn't He? I needed a God hug and you gave me one. Thanks so much.