Friday, September 9, 2011

God smacked!!!

Ever been God smacked? I'm talking about those moments when God makes something so clear to you, it's almost as if He's smacked you upside the head.... you know what I mean. Well the other day I sure got a doozey!

I've always been fond of Proverbs 3: 5-6 - "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding; in all you ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path."

I think it just makes me feel good to know that can always lean on him and he will get me through things - whatever they might be.

So I've been praying for my daughter - something pretty specific - for the past few weeks. Sometimes I pray and it's just words in my head, no clear answers. Other times I might pray and it's more like a cnversation with God. Well, the other day I start praying for my daughter and it quickly turns into a conversation. Suddenly, I'm hearing "I've got this". Woa, ok, thanks for pointing out my doubt, I'll continue my side of the conversation now. Then it happens.... I hear "SHE'S got this!". ERRRRTTTT! Slam on the brakes! I think I've just been told! It was as if God smacked me upside my head to tell me to have a little more faith in my daughter. Woa, in all my weeks of praying this is something that had never even crossed my mind!

I guess as a mamma, I sometimes worry about things involving my kids more than my kids do (case in point). But, I can turn it over to God and he just might remind me that he's in control - or that I'm worrying a bit too much. Not sure about you, but that's something I really needed to hear this week :)

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  1. I had one of those moments recently when I dropped Aaron off at school. The worry had built and built and then God smacked me and I had a turn around. John even asked why I was so calm and I said, "The Lord has it under control." Good stuff, Jen!