Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watching the Launch

Have you ever wanted to watch the space shuttle launch, up close and personal? I haven't. I'm perfectly content to watch it on my television (if at all....shh....don't tell!) Give me A/C, the remote, and a bowl of popcorn and I'm good. I have given birth to adventurers, though, and it's rough on this old mom to step aside and watch them spread their wings.

This morning, 7am, my oldest and two of his friends from church took off for Florida to watch the shuttle launch tomorrow. It's the last one ever and they HAD to see it. Who am I to stand in their way, but I've had to do some serious praying and trusting in the Lord in order to face it calmly.

You see, I'm a worrier. I've imagined them in twisted metal on interstate 95. I've imagined them with sunstroke on the side of the road as they've attempted to change a tire. I've thought of them being accosted in some seedy diner (what they're doing in a seedy diner I do NOT know) and I have had them being kidnapped by roving bands of bad guys who are on the look out for naive kids from the 'burbs. Does anyone else out there think like me? Am I the only one who has this crazy imagination that causes me to work overtime in the mental anguish department?

Well, they left this morning and have been gone 2 hours so far. We prayed with them before they left and I packed enough food to see them safely through the Oregon Trail, let alone down 95 with the eleventy-billion McDonald's between here and FL. They'll have a great adventure and I will get to hear a bit about it when the texts arrive to update me on the progress....if Evan remembers to text me.

I hugged him last night and prayed privately with him. This morning I wanted to hug him again. His friends were there and he was embarrassed so I didn't push. They piled in his little Honda, made a speedy Uturn and drove off into the morning sunshine. I guess I witnessed the launch after all!


  1. Paula, you are not alone, as a mom of two adventure boys myself, I can create images that would scare Stephen King. Thank you for posting this. It's hard to let go but also comforting to know god is with them and will take care of them:)

  2. Paula, Seeing them launch is the hardest thing in the world for us moms! Thanks be to God it happens in small steps, of ever widening strides! Yours are just a lap or two ahead of mine on the track:) I love your gut-renching honesty and the courage I see God giving you throughout it all. I can almost hear Him whispering, "trust Me; I love them too." I so appreciate your willingness to share your journey with the rest of us. You are paving the road for those of us following closely in your footsteps.