Friday, July 22, 2011

A Blank Journal and a Dare

Have you ever been dared to do something? One of my favorite movie scenes is the little boys in A Christmas Story triple dog daring each other to lick a frozen pole on the playground. Oh, the silly things we do when we have to defend our honor by accepting a dare.

I have accepted a dare this week. No, I'm not going to lick a pole or streak through a ball game or TP Pastor Bob's house....although that last one has a certain appeal. I've decided, in conjunction with the group of ladies reading Ann Voskamp's book, to begin a list and each and every day look for ways I can thank God. The goal is 1,000.

I have to share number 10.

Today I was plodding around Target with a very long list of items. My husband and two of my sons will be heading to Honduras next week and they were to gather hygiene items for children there and a few fun things as well. I was stumped...I mean stumped at what fun thing to get a 13 year old boy in a foreign country. I was stock still in the aisle and two young associates came up behind me and a soft voice asked, "Can we help you find anything?"

Here is where I stop and have to say how good God is. Have you ever thought how wonderful His timing is and how great his concern for even the smallest details? I forget and have to be reminded as I'm sure most of us do. God was there in the aisle of Target and this meeting has become my number 10.

In response to the question, I showed them my list and told them of Honduras. One of the young men said (this part makes me cry because God is SOOOO good), "I'm from Honduras and I can help you."

He could have been from India, or Peru, or Russia or anywhere, but HE WAS FROM HONDURAS and he helped me and I am grateful.

Have you thought of keeping a list of the good things in your life? Maybe you are having trouble seeing them and think God has turned away from you. Maybe you think nothing good will ever happen again and you can't imagine making it to 10 much less 1,000. I challenge you to start small. Look and ask God, the Father who loves us all, to point out something to you. I dare you to write them down. I triple DOG dare you.

Ann Voskamp's book is One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are


  1. Love it, Paula! Gave me goosebumps!!!

  2. That's awesome! Funny, just this morning I dragged out a small journal someone gave me a while ago and was thinking about starting the same project.

  3. Wonderful Paula! God is so good. Your story had me tear up! your friend, Judith

  4. I'm reading this book for a friend's book club. Got the same dare. Haven't accepted it yet.