Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Pray You Enough

Have you had a “God Thing” in your life lately?

Cyber-space delivered one from a friend to my e-mail the other day.

This one got me thinking about various friends who call me, and in our conversations there usually are all of the usual questions and comments about what is going on in their lives. And then I learn that…. some of my friends are going through some tough times with no real answers to be given. Several of my friends have husbands who have some severe medical issues; another one is facing bankruptcy and also dealing with severe spinal pain; another friend who was diagnosed several months ago with stage 4 lung cancer. My niece is dealing with the birth of a second child and a Navy husband who will soon depart of his 4th tour of hazard duty. And a friend who is still “standing” for her marriage to be restored after her husband left 10 yrs. ago. These are some of the tough things in life.

I am sure we all have had conversations with others that have been similar to mine. So what can we say in return to all of this? Is it, “I will pray for you?” This brings comfort to many and this is what they want to hear. Or is it, “I Pray You Enough?”

I pray you enough……

Enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day
Enough rain to appreciate the sun even more
Enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting
Enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger
Enough gain to satisfy your wanting
Enough loss to appreciate all you possess
Enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye
(Taken in part from an e-mail - no author noted)

Or do I offer them …I Pray You Enough to Sustain You Each Day With all You Need?

I ask myself just what do I need Enough of?

I need all of the above but I also need a challenge each day. A challenge to look for all of the beauty in the simple things of this world.

Like the joy of watching the birds and squirrels feed on my deck.
Being able to walk outside and plant small American flags all over my flower beds.
The simple act of being able to reach down and love on my dogs (Labs) who sit by me while I am writing this. This unconditional love is always there.
The joy of being able to read from the Word of God each day.
Watching my colorful pinwheels spin in my flowerpots.
Smelling the herbs in the garden and introducing the grandchildren to the special smell of each one.
Joy of receiving text messages from grandchildren.
Connecting with past youth on Facebook.
The pleasure of being able to pray for others.
Oh, not the least, but the most important comfort all just falling asleep holding on to my Beloved!

Wow I guess that this really is not a challenge but a blessing and a joy. Looks like I already have Enough for today. That is all any of us need - just Enough for each day that we are given. I pray the same for you that you always have Enough.

So as I pray Enough for my friends I include me and ask that He only give me Enough for each day He grants me and that’s Enough!


  1. I enjoyed your post here at 3am Sally! I have not had ENOUGH sleep but the Lord has me up anyway. I have been worried about things because that's what happens in the middle of the night, but your words remind me that the Lord will give me ENOUGH of whatever I need to manage my day. That's a comfort to me. Thanks, friend:)

  2. Sally, God is so good! That's exactly what I feel when I read this beautiful tribute to His gifts. Our lives are packed full with His goodness, if we will just be open to seeing it. "And my God will meet ALL your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus" (Phil 4:19). Thanks for making me see.