Monday, July 11, 2011

Pandamania! GLCC And The Ladies Who Made It Happen

This post is mostly pictures. The faces of the women of our church say it all so I won't bother with words. When I know names I'll try to list them, but I'd appreciate our reader's help in identifying anyone I miss (or those I mistakenly id since it is 4 in the morning!!).

I only snapped photos of some of the volunteers because I was in with the two year olds all week, but know there were many, many more!

Pam Benedict, Susan Wallace, Patty Easley

Paola Wilson
Amy Gee
Cindy Shiflet
Nicole Russell and Heather Kifer
Jan Smith
Sandra Sample, Catherine Kifer, Kimberly Golub, Kerri Keppel, Karen Emkes, Pam Layton
Julie Davis
?, Louise Wilson
Jennifer Suliga, Catherine White, Susan Ellis
Stephanie MacDougall, ?, Cindy Hagenhoff, Sara Hagenhoff (check out Jeremiah to the left!! LOL!)

Diana Rich
Liza Rachford
Michaela Reilly, Suzi Hersey
Stephanie Hugh, Nellie Popa, Laura Lund

The community of Bristow is so blessed by these women and their dedication to children and serving our Lord. Give them a big hug and a thank you if you see them out and about.

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