Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trusting God!

Written by Adriana Prada Guerrero

The theme for VBS this year was TRUST GOD! and that is exactly what I had to do all last week! Back in March or April (I forget) I remember Pastor Steve and Pam asked me if I was going to be serving in VBS and I said yes but was unsure where. So they asked me if I would be willing to teach one of the Bible Stations and I went "eek!". I prayed about it and really felt like God wanted me to do it (even though I was honestly petrified with the idea of teaching over 200 kids plus their adult crew leaders). By doing VBS in this capacity I had to confront several painful experiences (both from my old church along with my old job) regarding my ability to do this. I consider myself a somewhat unique child of God...I'm loud, spunky, "filter-less", not your typical Proverbs 31 woman so I felt incredibly inadequate to do this. I was afraid of being rejected, I was nervous about getting the Bible stories wrong; the week before VBS I was a hot mess. However, God once again used VBS to meet me where I was. 

Day one of VBS was "No matter who you are....TRUST GOD!". As many times as I told the Lord "Father I'm so unworthy to be teaching your word" He responded to me "but you are worthy because you have Me".

 Day two was "No matter how you feel....TRUST GOD!". As I cried to the Lord about feeling absolutely terrified He once again gently reminded me that I can trust Him because He will be working through me.

 Day three was "no matter what people do....TRUST GOD!". As the enemy brought back the horrible things people have said to me and have done to me which usually keep me down I knew that if He was leading me to teach the Bible then He was going to give me what I needed to do it!

 Day four was "no matter what happens....TRUST GOD!". On this day we were sharing the Gospel and I was so worried about getting it wrong. What if I didn't lead any children to Christ? And then I remember that I am not in charge of the results! God is and all I had to do is present the message and rest in Him that the Holy Spirit would be working in those children's hearts. 

Day five was "no matter where you go....TRUST GOD!". This was our last day of VBS and I was very emotional because I felt so humbled to have been used by God in this way and know that 450+ seeds had been planted in the hearts of Children. 

 Sometimes as adults I think we try to complicate the Bible when His truths are so simple...we just need to Trust Him! Trust Him with our lives, with our dreams, with our children, with our husband, with everything we are and everything we have and that is what VBS taught me this week!


  1. Such wisdom and knowledge for one so young. Thank you for saying yes. You may never know the results of your service, but the results are evident in your life. You rock Adriana!

  2. Awesome!!! God blessed you for your willingness to step out in faith, trusting Him! Way to go!! Thanks for sharing so transparently. God loves you!!!

  3. its really a good thing to be done for childrens that they cud learn to be close with lord