Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today's post is written by Kelly Wayland.  

A few weeks ago I started to get an ingrown toenail and since I'm prone to getting them and they usually fix themselves,
I didn't mention it to my parents or think anything of it. Not until I woke up one morning in tears from the pain or it
being extremely infected. I let my mom know and she called the doctor, who wouldn't be able to see me until later that
afternoon. I had to be at work at noon so we decided to go to the ER in hopes that it would be a quick trip and have me
at work on time.

Surprisingly, they called me back within about 10 minutes and the doctor came in shortly after. He looked at my toe and
told me he would have to remove about a third of the nail in order to get the ingrown part out. He told me he would give
me "a couple" numbing shots in my toe so I wouldn't be able to feel any of the procedure happening. He then left the room
to get his supplies.

Just the mention of having to get shots in my toe made me SO nervous. I was telling my mom how I was scared of needles
and how nervous I was. She told me to imagine being at the beach with my friends or think of something else that made me
happy. So, with this in mind, the doctor came back in the room and told me to lay down and relax.

Well, it was near impossible to "relax" as he began poking the needles into my toe. The first shot didn't bother me too
much, but it seemed like he kept jabbing more and more needles in my toe. I began to squirm and the pain got worse and
worse. The whole time my mom was standing right there with me telling me to "take deep breaths". I heard her words and
tried my hardest to do what she was saying but it was so hard to take deep breaths between the sobs and trying to not kick
the doctor in the face.

Finally, the shots were over and my mom was still right there by my side and now she had a tissue for me to wipe the tears
from my eyes. Where the doctor said it would be "a couple" shots, my mom said she thought she counted him do at least four.

Through all of that and through my healing time in the days after, my mom was there for me whenever I needed her. Whether
it was to help me bandage my toe up, to give me a ride somewhere (I was prescribed Vicodin, so was unable to drive), or
just to hang out, she was ALWAYS there and ready to help me with whatever it was I needed.

I'm so lucky to have such a great mom that is ready and willing to take care of me whenever I need her.

Thank you so much for everything, Mommy! You're the best! Happy birthday! 


  1. Thank you,'ve made me cry! I love you!!!

  2. beautiful"s are like that...always there for us.
    Late Happy Birthday Cindy. Sally