Saturday, July 21, 2012

Girls, Games, Giggles

Choose Your Table
Game night was a rousing success and we can't wait to do it again!  Nearly 30 women gathered and went head to head over games such as LOGO, UNO, Pictionary and Scattergories.  Some stuck with old favorites and others chose to unwrap brand new games, dig out the directions and learn some new skills.  We had lots of laughs and made some new friends and we left saying, "When is the next one?"  The answer is soon and very soon!

Pick your game, in this case LOGO.

Have a few laughs....wonder what Hollis and Karen are giggling about?

Patty is a champion time keeper!

Sarah and Anne are up to some tricks with UNO.

Sylvie, Nicole, and Mystique test out their Pictionary skills.

Sandy and Martha

Hollis and Karen

Mystique and Paula (yay some young ladies came!!)

Serious about Scattergories!

We had such a nice time!

Even squeezed in some quiet chats.

Time to Hustle...leading to, "When are we going to have a dance night?

Need to try that LOGO game!

Finished off the evening with a drum solo from Janda!  

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