Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Magical Night

Hope Prosser has shared her thoughts on the Father-Daughter dance and how it is making a difference in their family. Thanks, Hope!

Every year my husband Leo and my daughter Jordan (11) look forward to Grace Life's Father-Daughter Dance. Denise King and a crew of others plan a special night, complete with theme and message, over the top magical decorations, a wonderful dinner, and gifts to make the ladies feel like the princesses they are. My daughter is excited to buy a new dress, and have her hair done and her picture taken with her daddy. She gets ready in her room without letting Leo have a single glimpse of her before she is ready. My husband picks her up at the bottom of the stairs with flowers in hand and a look of pride, love and expectancy on his face. She doesn't know it but as he opens the car door for her and takes her hand to lead her into the dance, he plans more for this night than a fun time and a great dinner.

You see, Leo is teaching our daughter how to recognize the man that God will someday bring to her, the man that will want more than to win her heart but will know how to treasure it. He will show her how much he loves her, how grateful he is to God for her, how special she is to him. Leo, like every father wants the best for his daughter, including the best man for her. A night like this, created for this purpose, teaches my daughter how to be treated and reminds her of her value. A night like this reminds Leo to set the pace for her expectations beyond this special night.

I tell everyone how grateful I am to Denise King and all the men and women who work so hard to make this happen because they too want this for their daughters. I also offer my son as a waiter, and hopefully a witness to this display of respect and honoring of young women. I am grateful that the seed they plant in February, grows all year long in my daughter's, my son's and my husband's heart. Don't miss this chance to show your daughter how to recognize her prince by setting the stage for her on February 11th and all year long.

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