Friday, January 27, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Stacey Harper tells of her daughter Frederica's experiences at the Father Daughter Dance.....

And the countdown has officially begun! My daughter Frederica gets so excited about the GLCC Father/Daughter dance every year and this year is no different. This will be her fourth time attending this wonderful event. She is our only daughter and because of this, she is treated like the princess that she thinks she is…particularly by her daddy. He gets off a little easier than some in the fact that since he only has one daughter, he can give her his total and undivided attention. And she can demand it at times!

This is such a special time for them. Even though my husband Brian makes a point throughout the year to spend one-on-one time with each child, this particular event has become a tradition and a milestone marker for our home. It has been so neat to be able to look back at the pictures and to see how much Frederica has grown and how much she enjoyed the occasion. It is a night just for her and her daddy and no one else. The sun rises and sets in her daddy and she likes to show him off. One of my many prayers for my daughter is that she realizes that her father is setting the bar pretty high for any other man who will try to come into her life as she gets older and to expect nothing less. Another prayer for them is that she sees that her earthly father is an extension of her heavenly Father and that she grows to love him just as much.

Her dress has been picked out for quite some time and as per tradition, Brian will go and purchase a matching tie and a corsage that he feels is worthy of his daughter…even though it only lasts on her wrist for about 30 minutes! she and I will go into the bathroom to do her hair and argue over how it should be done (am I the only one who has this problem?). It’s a time that I enjoy because I know that soon enough she will be grown and gone.

As for me, I was honored last year to be able to attend the dance with my own father. I was able to go and enjoy the attention of my dad, without having to share him with anyone else. I was able to pretend I was “daddy’s little girl.” That is something I haven’t felt since my wedding day and I will always be grateful for that night.

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