Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunshine and Skinned Knees

I moved to Virginia six months ago knowing very little of what my purpose here would be. I longed for warm weather and a fresh start; so i packed everything i owned, said goodbye to my family and headed out on this new adventure . I wasn't sure of what lay ahead of me, but i had my heart set on moving south so i went for it! I was trying hard not to be scared, i was mostly excited, i was running full speed ahead! I was propelled only by a desire for something new and the simple belief that God was in control and leading me forward. I got a job as a full time nanny for two separate families(one with four children and the other with twins). I spent 50+ hours a week with these children and quickly felt a sort of attachment to them. I do not know fully what it means to be parent, as i have no children of my own; but i quickly grew to love them as my own and watched endearingly as they grew and changed.
One absolutely beautiful spring day i took the twins outside ( they are almost two years old). They are still a little wobbly at times and tend to teeter in the grass, which doesn't seem to deter them at all from exploring! On that day only flowers and birdies were their concerns. Aiden spotted something along the tree line and began to run for it. He didn't know that the yard dropped off ahead, He couldn't see that far, he was only focused on the thing he wanted to get to. I tried to yell to him to stop. I knew he would trip, it can be so easy to get ahead of ourselves and run, FEARLESS. He looked back for a moment, contemplated what I had said, and then turned and continued for the trees. I watched as he tumbled head over heels down the hill. i wanted to do something, I reached out but it was too late, he had made the decision to go for it. When he realized what had happened he cried for me and pointed to his knees that were scuffed with dirt and grass. I ran to him, I was not concerned with the fact that he hadn't listen to me.. I just wanted to hold him, because he was hurt; i was hurt.
I think it is like this with the Lord, as humans we can focus on something and hurl ourselves into it, and sometimes this leads to a fall.. face first into the ground. And believe me my time here has not been all smooth sailing, i have endured a few face plants and scraped knees. But even when we get ahead of ourselves and look back to Him and say, "its okay God, i got this!",(followed by a tumble down the hill) our Father in heaven is right there to scoop us up in his arms and hold us tight and set us back on our feet. He doesn't look at us from atop the hill and say, "i told you this was going to happen." He comes down, with love in His eyes and mercy in His hands. Hes asking to hold our hand on this great adventure, so when the land beneath our feet becomes uneven and our every step is a wobble, He's right there with us, to support us and sustain us. He knows the beginning from the end and He longs to walk beside us and enjoy the sunshine and birdies of daily life together.


  1. Yay Laura! I love the way you tied your experiences with the twins with your own and with all of us as we tend to rush headlong into situations. I'm so glad the Lord is faithful to pick us up and dust us off.

  2. Sister, you have a way of putting into words a lot of what i feel, even when i didn't realize I felt it to begin with. I love you and I love Him for always being there to lovingly comfort us when our foolishness gets the better of us♥

  3. "It's ok God, I got this" many times do we say this instead of letting God help us! Keep holding onto to God's hand as he walks with you. I loved the images you painted with your words.