Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

Due to the craziness of my schedule lately, I've failed to highlight our ladies serving behind the scenes at Grace Life. Traveling around the church on any given Sunday, it's amazing how many women are at work, making sure all aspects of the morning run smoothly. Here is a random sampling of some of the smiling faces I met. I must add that they are ALWAYS smiling. I have yet to meet a grump.

Sandi Large, Lynn Lewis, and Kim Robinson were busy getting ready to worship with the little ones during the connect group hour. I snagged them for a photo before class began and left them preparing to have a time of singing, stories, and learning all about how Jesus loves them. Thank you ladies for your willingness to teach some of the smallest members of our congregation.

Don't you know little Noah was feeling the love from Wendy Kurtz? It's a blessing for moms and dads to get to hear the sermon or take part in a connect group and feel their little one is in good hands. Wendy, thanks for all you do in volunteering in the nursery!!

Sandra Briggs is doing one of the most important jobs for the little ones. Snack refill! If you haven't met Sandra yet, make it a point to say hello and share a smile with her. You'll love her like I do!
Debbie Buzard has been loving her time volunteering in the nursery. This particular day she is holding Alexis Montgomery and what a sweet time it was. Can't you tell by the look on Debbie's face that these are precious moments? Hannah, you might jut have a built in grandma in Debbie:)

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