Sunday, June 19, 2011

I will not leave you orphans.

Everywhere you look there is pain, disease, tradegy, and hardships. We have all dealt with one or many of these at some time in our lives. A few days ago my roommate came into my bed at 2 in the morning sobbing because of a broken heart, a broken life. My grandmother fights relentlessly to overcome cancer. My sister wonders if shes completely lost control of her 5 year old and is nearly brought to tears thinking shes a terrible mother. My brother is Autistic, and everything on the tv is awful.... Ive sat for about ten minutes now thinking of something to complain about myself.. But everything i come up with i hear Him say "Ive got that under control.. Ive washed that away.. I've got something else planned." Sure.. I have known deep pain, and loss and ive made many mistakes, and there are plenty of things id like to change..I mean, if were listing all our troubles id like to not wear contacts anymore.. but when i think about Jesus and all that he suffered for me, all the things i could possibly put down to stress about seem to melt away, they dont seem so difficult or so scary when i think about the DEEPER love of God. His word says that He will not leave us orphans, He will come to us. We are not alone in this strange and broken land. We do not face these hardships alone.
On saturday i went strawberry picking with my sisters and niece, the sun was gently kissing our skin and there was laughter in the air. I went to my dads afterwards and sat on the patio with my family talking about old times and watching the kids splash in the pool. My mom and my stepdad renewed their wedding vows last night, and rededicated their marriage and home to the Lord. Love filled that chapel. In the midst of all our troubles is Joy, is Peace, is Love. My point is this... He knew we would face trials and temptations, they are a part of this life here on earth. The Bible says to count those all as joy for they strengthen our faith and draw us closer to Him. Im sure we could list complaints and stresses a mile long, but i believe God wants to remind us not to fear when we are faced with these struggles because we are not alone in them, He will come to us. I believe He comes to us everyday.. in a childs laugh, in the love between man and wife, in a strawberry, in a friend. Lets not ever forget all the blessings and promises and gifts He has given us everyday to remind us of who JESUS is. Twenty years down the line i dont want to look back and wish i had spent less time worrying about grass stains and pimples and not enough time on the broken and forgotten, the sick and the bedraggled, the neighbor who needs a word of encouragement, the roommate who needs a hug.

~"The Lord always keeps his promises, He is gracious in all He does." Psalms 145:13 NLT~

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