Friday, June 15, 2012


I've been putting something off all week.  I haven't wanted to do it and I've dreaded doing it, but today is the day I said I would do it, so do it I must.  I'm going to clean my house.  Dread, dragging my heels, and frustration before it even begins and I'm finding a heap of things to do instead.  Procrastination is my middle name.  It's so easy to get down and to look at the negative side of things and all of the work and the lack of fun in doing laundry and cleaning toilets (I have three boys...need I say more?), vacuuming up pounds of dog hair and taking out the trash.  I've come to realize I have a heartitude problem and it needs to change.

I was on Facebook the other day, one of my best procrastinating tools, and saw a photo of a little girl.  She's the daughter of a friend of mine and that photo has inspired me to change my wicked ways.  Here it is.
What do you see in this photo?  I see a little girl with the right kind of heartitude.  She's helping her mother around the house and is dressed up in a cute outfit, accessorized, and she's even got her tiara on.  Her entire attitude says spunk and sass.....I'm gonna knock this job out and I'm going to look good doing it!  I was struck by the difference between her heartitude and my own.  I get up on cleaning days in a grump.  I don't shower because I'm going to be all sweaty anyway and why put on something cute when it's going to get dirty.  I scrunch my hair up in a clip and grab the laundry basket and my martyrdom has begun.  Moan, frown, complain.  Well, that's going to change!

Psalm 100:2 says "Serve the Lord with GLADNESS!"
Proverbs 15:13 says, "A GLAD heart makes a cheerful countenance."
Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your might."

This won't be easy.  Old habits die hard and I'm going to have to remind myself throughout the day to look to the Lord, to give Him praise for my home and family, to thank Him for my strength of body to do the work, and to sing when I would normally complain.  Changes in heartitude are on the way!  Are there any changes you need to make?

Now, where did I leave my tiara?

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  1. Wow, Paula, that's me...the grumpy one...there are so many other things I'd rather do than clean a house that's just going to get dirty again before I even finish the job. I could use some new heartitude too. Got a spare tiara???