Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Without Dad

This post is by Vicki Corder and her family.

This Sunday marks one of many firsts my children have in front of them. It will be their first Father’s Day without their dad. Even as I type this tears are filling my eyes (as they have every day for the past few days whenever I think about it). We are mulling over how we might spend the day in celebration and memory of the great man who was their earthly father. Precious friends have invited us over, but we are still not sure if this is something we can do. But before we face Sunday, we will join together as a family and walk the “Purple Stride” which is a 5k walk to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. My 17 year old daughter Kathleen, who participated in it last year with some good friends, organized this for us and encouraged all of us to walk; so Kathleen, Scott, Greg, Emily, Jennifer and I will be walking in memory of Steve Corder, who to them (and me) was the greatest dad of all. 

There is still time to join our team either by walking with us or donating to our team fundraising efforts.
Follow the link below to donate

 Click on dc event, then on the left tabs choose "Donate to a team". Choose team “corder7” and click on the "general team donation" tab. Then just follow the prompts. If you want to walk with our team, after clicking on dc event follow the prompts for "join a team" and again pick corder7.
We so appreciate your support and prayers.

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  1. Praying for you, Vicki, and for your family as you face this Father's Day. Steve, indeed, was a special man and I just KNOW he was a wonderful dad. May each of you feel the love of Jesus, even as you miss having Steve's physical presence here with you. What a special thing you all are doing in participating in Purple Stride. Will be praying for you as you all walk in Steve's memory.