Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best Example of Love

Sweethearts---Barbara and Jay Fowler

Today's post was written by Christian Fowler

Growing up my world was full of love. The love of siblings, the love of parents, the love of pets, and of course the love of Christ. Throughout the last 20 years of my existence my mom has been the one to show me what love is and how to love those around me. Growing up as 1 of 7 kids meant that things were usually tight financially. My mom was always making sure that we had everything we needed and giving things up to make sure we were getting the most out of life. She would help each of us with our homework to the best of her abilities, then she’d slave over the stove making food for all of us in a cramped kitchen. She’d help us pack our lunches for the next day, attempt to spend time with each of us individually, tuck us into bed one by one and yet still found time to be a wife and spend time with her husband. She raised her children in the church and made sure that we had family devotions regularly. We’d all pile onto her bed and my dad would read us a Bible story then we’d discuss it, sing a few songs, then go around and pray one by one. She made sure that we knew Christ loved each of us and that nothing we did could ever make Him love us less. She allowed Christ to shine through her in her daily life and set an example for us in more ways than she knows.

 When my dad was diagnosed with cancer she stood by him and supported him through every second of it. She knew going into it that it wouldn’t end well but she continued to pour out her love for him. She stopped working in order to take care of him. Watching through all of his pain she gave him countless shots, gave him medicine that he didn’t want to take but that she knew would help him, and made it through the sleepless nights that became a normality rather than a rarity. She slept in the floor on numerous occasions so that she could be near him and take care of him. I have never seen someone so dedicated to anything in my entire life. Even after his passing she still has a flame for him burning in her heart. The way she loved my father is the best example of love I’ve ever personally witnessed. Their love was one that didn’t need words. She’d walk into the room and his entire demeanor would change.

 She continues to be an example for us children not only in her love for my dad but also in her love for Christ. She shows us that Christ was there with us through the loss of my dad and that he was also there with my dad. She has taught us, not only through her words but also through her actions, that just because something goes wrong, we should never turn from Christ. One day I hope to be that kind of example for my children and to love the way my mom does. I want to have an undying love for my husband and an undeniable love for my God.


  1. Thank you Christian...this is a beautiful story and you and your siblings are so blessed! So proud of you too!

    Love, Aunt Jeanie

  2. This is a wonderful love story...thank you Christian for sharing. So proud of you!

  3. Chrissy this awesome! I miss him so much everyday. I have always tried to emulate mom in the way that I do things. She is such a wonderful mother and really showed us how to be a loving wife. Thank you mom for showing us the way and thank you chrissy for writing this.