Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ladies Game Night Part 2

We had such a fun time at our most recent game night.  God blessed us with some new faces and some "old" friends, too.  It was awesome to see how the Lord mixed us unto seating arrangements that were just perfect for getting to know others.  Carol and Sue learned they both had lived in Germany for a while!  Imagine that.  

 We had some young ones join us this time and in the above photo, we see Kelly Wayland wearing a big smile.  She's blogged for us occasionally here at Grace-Lifeline, so it's neat for me to be writing about her!

 Sarah, in the above photo, is saving money to travel with her husband as a missionary in the group Cadence  The mission is to be support for chaplains in understaffed US military posts.  I so enjoyed getting to know Sarah and look forward to great news of how God is providing for them!
Jessica Kolbe was our official youngest at 16.  We're thrilled that our younger ladies are getting to know our older ladies.  We are sisters in Christ and there are many more things we have in common than not!  We can learn so much from an inter-generational gathering like this.  

A little chatting....

....... some story telling and some game playing and I do believe some new friends were made.  We're all looking out for each other on Sunday!  Game night has great benefit in allowing us to meet new friends and find them again at Sunday services.


Next Ladies night is September 28th.  It may be something completely'll have to come and find out.  Stay tuned for more announcements, and for emails from the Women's Ministry gals.   

Proverbs 17:22  A cheerful heart is good medicine!


  1. Had loads of fun last night with old and new friends. Good thing it's not about the winning b/c that didn't happen.

  2. Great time of fun and fellowship!

  3. I had great fun at Game Night! See you next month!