Monday, March 28, 2011

The ABCs of Love

Chuck Swindoll wrote these so I won't claim them, but I did find them to be a convicting reminder of how I should be loving the people in my life.

I Accept you as you are
I Believe you are valuable
I Care when you hurt
I Desire only what is best for you
I Erase all offenses

Can I really say I treat others this way? Sometimes, yes, when it is comfortable or doesn't require much effort on my part, but do I really accept others as they are and want what's best for them? How often have I carried around my sack of offenses, taking them out periodically to leaf through them like a treasured photo album?

I'm being challenged to love people who aren't exactly comfortable to love. I'm being asked to step up to the plate and reach out to women who take a little more effort than others. Only through the example of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit living in me, can I hope to apply the ABCs of love.

Who is the Lord asking you to love today? Who requires care that's out of your comfort zone? Will you accept the challenge?

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