Saturday, September 15, 2012

RGIII or Tebow? Wear Your Sign

I was trying to make a turn at a stoplight yesterday and there was this man in my line of sight.  I couldn't see around him to save my life.  He was wearing a sandwich board with instructions to "Follow Me to the New Car Wash-------->"  I craned my neck, inched out a bit in the intersection, but no luck.  Finally he moved and I could see, so went on my way.

A bit later I was listening to ESPN radio because that's what I like to do occasionally.  The topic of conversation was RGIII.  We are in the suburbs of DC so who is NOT talking about RGIII?  This conversation gave me pause for thought and maybe you'll think along with me.  The commentary guy said this...."Tim Tebow is a crap quarterback.  There's no two ways about it.  All the hype, all the promises, and we are left with the truth that he simply can't throw.  Besides that, he wears his faith around like a your face with all of this God stuff.  Now, RGIII, he's a good guy.  He likes God too, but he doesn't wear it around like a sign, like Tebow does".

Hmmmm.....I had just seen this man with a huge sign on, walking up and down the street in order to be noticed.  I noticed and maybe other people did, too.  That was the purpose.  I got the impression from the sports guy that RGIII was somehow better because he didn't advertise his faith and that Tim Tebow was somehow a lesser man because he did.

I know neither of these young men....surprises you, doesn't it?  I know what everyone else does by watching a Sunday game or looking them up on Wikipedia ( I did to see what RGIII's faith was before I wrote this.)  My conclusion is this.  What God has given them to do and the way God has given them to do it, they are doing.  If Tim feels like he should be out in public in a very obvious way, then he seems to be doing more of that.  John 3:16 on the eye black during a game is his thing....or at least used to be his thing.  Robert Griffin may be called to be more quiet about his faith, less talk the talk, and more walk the walk.  Whatever they have been asked to do, they might very well be doing that.

Back to my sign guy.  His job was to wear that sandwich board and walk down the street advertising the new car wash.  He did it and I suppose people will get their car washed because of his hard work.  It made me think....What am I willing to do for Christ?  If I was asked to wear a sandwich sign advertising new life in Christ, would I?  If it advertised the message of hope in a risen Savior, would I be bold enough to do so?  Do I walk with God every day, in such a way, that others know my faith and are pointed to Christ through me?  Thoughts to ponder, for sure.

Tomorrow we'll watch two young men on different teams, in different towns doing what they do best and what they love to do.  I trust that when the Lord moves them, they wear their "sign" in whatever way they are asked, not for what glory it might bring them, but for the glory it might bring to God.

Now, go watch some football.


  1. Then there's also the possibility that the guy with the sign is just annoying. He blocked your line of sight, made it difficult to turn, could've potentially made people late... and was he holding the sign because he wanted to or because he knows he's "supposed" to - I sometimes compare the ones who just stand there with the sign looking bored out of their mind vs the ones jamming to their music, throwing the sign all over the place, waving at the people...

    Just playing a little devil's advocate. :) I like Tebow and I love Griffin (I'm a Redskins fan, what can I say?), and I like knowing they have a faith in God. I admire Tebow's willingness to really put it out there, but I do sometimes question whether he does it too much. Then I feel guilty - is there such a thing as doing it too much?

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  3. Also, you asked if we're like Griffin or Tebow. Is being like Griffin a bad thing? He's working hard, doing his job well, and acknowledging God in a more subdued manner. Not asking this in a defensive way, but in a tuly curious, open for discussion/comment way - Is that not as good as Tebow? Or is it merely just different than Tebow?

  4. My intent was whatever God has called you to do or be, to do that and be that to the best you are able. I love the Skins as well and have enjoyed seeing and hearing RGIII in interviews. I have a good friend who knows him personally as all three of her kids go to Baylor and they've met him through the local school alumni org. She says he's a wonderful young man and than it's evident in the way he is with all those around him.

    That being said, I felt sorry for Tebow the other day when the radio guy called him all sorts of names. He is doing what he knows how to do and gets flack for it. I saw the commentator as comparing them.

    Now, as to what makes us better Christians, do we go out and shout our faith from the roof tops or live it quietly, that's a matter of the individual and what the Lord has asked us to do. IMO, if we are being called to be quiet and we yap all of the time, that's not so good. Likewise, if we are being called to go and share the gospel and we don't do that, what does that say.

    All in all, I'm thankful there are young men and women who aren't afraid to share their faith on national television and in the locker rooms and in front of school kids, etc. One of my favorite parts of the Olympics was when a terrific athlete gave the glory to the Lord.

    Devil's advocate? I'm soooo surprised;)

  5. I feel bad for Tebow as well. I think people attack him just because of his faith, and I hate that. I think it takes guts for him to do what he does and I respect him for not backing down and just playing it cool or whatever.

    I wasn't meaning to imply that you were exalting 1 player and picking on the other. I was just talking. I know - that's as shocking as the devil's advocate.